4. Proper Appropriation of Tongue

Tongue gymnastics should definitely be reserved when the hot and heavy is upon thee.
*Do learn Tongue Kung Fu
Yes the master of this has all the glory up and downstairs. As matter of fact you get an elevator key for taking it to the next level!

To all these fake-ass "where for art thous" running around. Don't kiss like a dog lapping up water with a serious face on...if the romantic drama isn't there don't force it. Slow kisses are always better! The tension will build naturally.

No KODs (kissing on the dance floor). That was, and still is annoying public displays of affection. The dance floor is not the most romantic spot anyway.
Mostly when you are not the one enjoying the action,
kissing or groping in public makes onlookers feel like they are watching National Geographic! Sensor the mating urges and lets keep the dance floor for what it was intended...to dance!

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